If you would like to learn more about the amenities Casa Dorado can provide we would be delighted to hear from you via email, WhatsApp or the form below. Below are the options for arriving at Casa Dorado!

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Roberto’s WhatsApp:     +1 (809)-641-9064

Las Galeras is located at the very eastern tip of the Samana peninsula. It is an easy 3-hour drive from the airport to Las Galeras. Visitors flying to Santo Domingo, Santiago or Puerta Plata can take public buses, drive or take a taxi to Las Galeras.

  • Casa Dorado Villa can be found in google map.
  • It is currently usd$190 for a taxi from Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata Airports; and usd$200 from Santo Domingo city to Casa Dorado. It is usd$90 from Samana El Catey Airport to Casa Dorado. Prices are for 4 people.
  • Caribe Tours Bus Line has 4 buses a day from Santo Domingo to Samana on the Autopista del Nordeste for 450 pesos(usd$9).
    • They leave Santo Domingo at 8am, 10am, 2:30pm and 4:30pm for the Santo Domingo Depot.
    • Make sure you take the Caribe Tours bus that takes the Autopista del Nordeste to Samana(carretera nueva/la pista).
    • Passengers can also be picked up at the Caribe Tours bus stop(parada Samana) on the entrance of the Samana highway outside Las Americas Airport. The pick-up is 30 minutes after the bus leaves the Santo Domingo depot.
  • From Samana it is a $35 taxi ride or public bus ride to Casa Dorado.
  • The local bus from Samana to Las Galeras stops running about 6pm. In the evening we recommend a taxi to get from Samana to Las Galeras.
  • Lamberto runs the local taxi union and can arrange pick-ups to and from Samana and the airports. His WhatsApp is (809) 861-1775. We can help with arranging taxi as well.

Directions from Las Americas Airport, Santo Domingo to Casa Dorado

The drive takes 3+ hours and you need about 550 pesos for the three tolls.
Follow the exit route from the Las Americas Airport north to the main highway. Head west toward Santo Domingo. There is an elevated ramp on the left hand side that takes you to the westbound side of the highway. Soon after you will pass through a toll. You don’t pay the toll this direction(only as you leave the capital). Stay in the right hand lane or you will miss the exit for the Samana highway!

Immediately after passing through the toll there is a right-hand exit for the local access road running parallel to the highway. Be aware, there is a sign for the Samana Highway, but it is small and if you miss this entrance it is a long way into Santo Domingo and back out to get back to the exit. About 1 km on the access road merge north-bound on to the Samana highway.  It is clearly marked.

There are 3 tolls on the Samana Highway totaling about 550 pesos, so you need to have Dominican pesos with you. Follow the new highway all the way to until it dead ends into Route 5(near Nagua). Turn right on to Route 5 and head east toward the town of Samana. 

As you drive through Samana, follow the main traffic route down to the water. The road merges left along the waterfront. At the end of the waterfront, turn left and continue up the hill.  It is a long, steep hill. At the top of the hill there will be a juncture, turn right. Continue along this road for 18 miles. 

As you enter Las Galeras, the public school is on the right, then a baseball/soccer field on the left. 100 meters further there is a corner with a Pentecostal Church(Iglesia de la Profecia) and a bright yellow ferreteria (hardware store). Turn left here. Continue to the third left hand turn. Turn left and Casa Dorado is the first house on the right. If you get to this area and get confused ask for Casa Dorado or “La casa de Roberto.”